hello world

Here we go

so why am I writing a blog?

Actually its an organizer for my many projects:

-I've been on deviant art for going on 7 years and that's where you'll find me.
DA prints posters and mugs but not T-shirts.

-so Zazzel prints all my t-shirts.

-Toutube channel

-I started programming pascal over 20 years ago so now i'm cewing on python for several projects

-hereditary photographer, painter, calligrapher, publisher…. my mom and grandma sorta set me up on that one..

-I started animating weather after animating fractals

-20 years animating fractals

-Bender animator 6 yrs

-Molecular research

-Geo-Spatial research

-eternal smartass

-for some reason i'm obsessed with LIVE DATA so this is great fuel for High Charts, javascript ov and don't forget Python!
So if this can help
then I gess i'm a blogger too.

Oh yea…
this all started with this joomla site I started building as a result of helping a friend build an e-store and wordpress blog.

so thanks to shawn at the
Spirits Garden

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